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Acupuncture is a part of Chinese Medicine which is a complete system of holistic healthcare. In Chinese Medicine, pain and illness, whether physical or mental, is a sign that the body is out of balance. The aim of treatment is therefore to bring about equilibrium in body, mind and spirit.

What-is-AcupunctureCentral to Chinese Medicine is the concept of ‘Qi’ (pronounced ‘chee’) which is the body’s vital energy. When Qi is flowing freely one has a sense of well-being, physically, mentally and emotionally. When Qi gets blocked or obstructed discomfort, pain, or illness occurs and one may feel out of balance emotionally or mentally. Qi gets blocked for many different reasons such as emotional and physical stress, poor nutrition, exposure to weather, infection, or injury. Treatment is aimed at finding the root cause of the imbalance and re-establishing the flow of Qi.

Focus is on the individual, not the illness, as all symptoms and body parts are considered to be interdependent and interconnected. Two patients both coming for the same condition may get very different treatments because the energetic causes of the symptoms are different. Each patient will get a unique treatment according to their own energetic make-up, symptoms and life circumstances.

Acupuncture uses very fine needles placed in specific points on the body to restore the free flow of Qi and thereby trigger the body’s natural healing response. The treatment is painless although some people feel a pleasant tingling, pulling or warm sensation around the needles. In addition to needles, an acupuncturist may also use moxa, massage, or cupping and give advice on diet and lifestyle. Most people find acupuncture a relaxing and pleasant experience.