Here are some links to websites you might find helpful.


British Acupuncture Council
The leading self-regulatory body for the practice of traditional acupuncture in the UK of which Jody is a member.

College of Integrated Chinese Medicine
The college where Jody did her training.


The Zita West Clinic
Lots of information on all aspects of preconceptual care, fertility and pregnancy.

Acupuncture Fertility Network
A list of acupuncturists in the UK that have done specialist training in the area of fertility.

Basel Body Temperature Chart 
Jody sometimes asks patients to record their basel body temperature.  Here is a link to a chart in which to record the results.



Acupuncture for Childbirth Trust Hertfordshire
A dedicated group of acupuncturists with expertise in pregnancy, obstetric and fertility care, working within the Hertfordshire area.

Acupressure for Labour Booklet
Prepared by Debra Betts this is invaluable information on how to use acupressure in labour.  If you are seeing Jody for pre-brith acupuncture she will talk you through this and mark the points on your body. 

Advice for Optimal Foetal Positioning
More advice from Debra Betts, midwife and acupuncturist on how to help your baby turn if it is breech. 


Birthlight Pregnancy Yoga
Find yoga, pre and post natal classes throughout the UK